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Math.NET Iridium 2008 August, v2008.8.16.470

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Released: Aug 14, 2008
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Release Notes

Math.NET Iridium - Scientific Numerical Library

Authors: Christoph Rüegg, Joannès Vermorel, Matthew Kitchin
Part of the Math.NET Project
Release: 2008 August; Iteration: 16; Version: 2008.8.16.470
Includes: Sources, Binaries, Unit Tests, Api Reference
License: LGPL


  • Bugs: All known 4 bugs have been fixed.
  • Completely revised and extended interpolation toolkit.
  • New complex matrix and vector type (Complex Linear Algebra will follow in the next iteration).
  • Slightly enhanced real matrix and vector types .
  • QR decompositions are now unique (positive real R diagonal).
  • Complex type now has a public constructor, more intuitive.
  • New Digamma (Psi) special function.
  • Various other small changes.

New Features¶

  • IRID-130: Core - New Digamma (Psi) Special Function
  • IRID-172: Core - Complex Number: Unitary - normalize to unit circle
  • IRID-152: Core - Random construction of complex numbers
  • IRID-144: Core - Sorting for tuples and triples
  • IRID-150: Linear Algebra - Complex Matrix type
  • IRID-149: Linear Algebra - Complex Vector type
  • IRID-173: Linear Algebra - Provide permutation matrix on LU decomposition
  • IRID-170: Linear Algebra - Matrix Negation Operator
  • IRID-156: Linear Algebra - Matrix: Create a diagonal matrix from a diagonal vector.
  • IRID-154: Linear Algebra - Create matrices from a set of row or column vectors.
  • IRID-155: Linear Algebra - Get and set single row or column vector of a matrix
  • IRID-142: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Cubic Spline
  • IRID-141: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Cubic Hermite Spline
  • IRID-140: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Linear Spline
  • IRID-139: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Spline (General)
  • IRID-138: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Barycentric polynomial on chebyshev2 points
  • IRID-137: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Barycentric polynomial on chebyshev1 points
  • IRID-136: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Barycentric polynomial on equidistant points
  • IRID-135: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Barycentric Rational without poles (Floater & Hormann)
  • IRID-134: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Barycentric (General)
  • IRID-133: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Rational with poles (Bulirsch & Stoer)
  • IRID-132: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Polynomial (Neville)
  • IRID-143: Interpolation - New Interpolation Method: Akima Spline


  • IRID-129: Core - Complex Type: public constructor
  • IRID-178: Core - Weak Implementation Complex.GetHashCode()
  • IRID-174: Linear Algebra - Force QR decomposition to be unique (positive real R diagonal)
  • IRID-157: Linear Algebra - Matrix: Direct access to decomposition results (e.g. eigen values)
  • IRID-148: Linear Algebra - Vector: Scalar Addition/Subtraction Operators
  • IRID-153: Linear Algebra - Generic interface for vectors and matrices (real vs complex)
  • IRID-146: Linear Algebra - Vector to implement the IList(double) generic interface
  • IRID-147: Linear Algebra - Matrix: element-wise raise to power and generic function mapping
  • IRID-131: Interpolation - New Interpolation Architecture

Fixed Bugs¶

  • IRID-127: Core - Collections: Intersection Collection ctor - swap typo
  • IRID-177: Linear Algebra - Pseude-Inverse of an m-smallerthan-n matrix
  • IRID-171: Linear Algebra - Vector.ToRowMatrix: wrong loop condition
  • IRID-128: Linear Algebra - Vector Cross Product - indices offset

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